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To learn more about dreams and dream analysis, try some of these books from Amazon.com..

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The Dream Directory : The Comprehensive Guide to Analysis and Interpretation, With Explanations for More Than 350 Symbols and Theories, by David Lohff

Long title for a interesting book.  Mr. Lohff gets away from Freud and Jung for some common sense approaches to dream analysis.

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dreamcatcherbook.gif (19982 bytes) The Dream Catcher : Unravel the Mysteries of Your Sleeping Mind : Book, Journal, Flashlight, and Pen, by Lori Reid

A good book to develop your own abilities to analyze your dreams.

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dreamscape.gif (6425 bytes) Dreamscape : Creating New Realities to Transform and Heal Your Life
by Dr. Nicholas E. Heyneman

This is a great book which enables you to use your dreams to fix problems in your life.  Very powerful! Also includes a tremendously useful interactive CD.  This book is an Amazon Editor's pick.

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