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Whether it is precognition of important events (often disasters such as airplane crashes or the Aberfan landslide which was dreamt about by hundreds before it happened) or knowledge on which personal decisions to take, dreams are a vitally important part of our lives.  If we can take advantage of what the dreams are trying to tell us, we will be more fulfilled in everything we do.

But most people do not have the knowledge necessary to interpret the often abstract  ideas and images found in our dreams.  While it may be obvious to some people that dreaming about being locked out of a house symbolizes being locked out of a relationship, it is probably not obvious that dreaming of a goose symbolizes fidelity.

Dreamcatcher Dream Analysis offers you the opportunity to have your dreams analyzed by trained dream therapists.  Our therapists will help you unlock the potential of your dreams. 

Our analysis is done on-line.  All you do is type out your dream in as much detail as possible using our on-line form.  Our analyzers will then carefully go over your dream then e-mail back to you your dream's meaning.  

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